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Helpful Links

Women's Legal Help

Women’s Legal Service Victoria (WLSV) is a not for profit organisation providing free and confidential legal information, advice, referrals and representation to women in Victoria. http://www.womenslegal.org.au/

Connecting Care

A comprehensive web based directory providing secure messaging and E referral for health professionals. www.connectingcare.com

Magistrates Court

The court can make intervention orders to protect people who have experienced violent, threatening or abusive behaviour.
There are two types of intervention orders:

  • a family violence intervention order helps to protect you from a family member who is violent to you
  • a personal safety intervention order helps to protect you from someone, other than a family member, who makes you feel unsafe


InTouch Multicultural Centre Against Family Violence

InTouch Multicultural Centre Against Family Violence works with women & children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds (CALD) who are victims/survivors of domestic violence. http://www.dvrcv.org.au/intouch-multicultural-centre-against-family-violence

Women’s Health Goulburn North East

Is a dynamic, independent feminist organisation committed to improving the health and wellbeing of women. www.whealth.com.au

Gateway Health

Maternal and child health, GP Clinic, Sexual Health Clinic, Allied Health Services, Alcohol and Other Drugs Services. http://gatewayhealth.org.au/

Domestic Violence Victoria

Peak body for domestic violence services for women and children. www.dvvic.org.au

CASA Forum

Peak body of the 15 Centres Against Sexual Assault and the Sexual Assault Crisis Line. www.casa.org.au

Safe Steps

Victorian state-wide service for women experiencing violence and abuse from a partner or ex partner, another family member or someone else you are close to. www.safesteps.org.au

Integrated Family Violence

Organisations with any role in improving the safety of women and children and the accountability of men who use violence meet through a forum called Integrated family violence www.familyviolencehumeregion.com.au

Victoria Police

Information about Victorian Police services including crime prevention, recruitment and various other programs and initiatives. www.police.vic.gov.au

Benalla Hospital

Benalla Hospital and Benalla Community Health www.benallahospital.com.au

Albury Wodonga Health

Albury Wodonga Health www.wrhs.org.au [site of Centre Against Violence Crisis Care Unit]

Rural Housing Network Limited


Housing support services-aiming to house people and keep them housed in social housing. www.ruralhousing.com.au

Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine

Clinical and pathological services, courses, research articles as PDF downloads including the coronial process. VIFM services are only available through Victorian Police. www.vifm.org

Community Against Crime

This program was developed to assist people in reducing crime, police do a wonderful job but they cant be everywhere, with our program we can pass information on to the community about crime and what to look out for e.g; scams, theft, burglary’s, smash and grabs etc, intern any information that comes back to us will be handed to police. http://communityagainstcrime.org/about-us/

Smiling Minds

Smiling Mind is modern meditation for young people. It is a unique web and App-based program, designed to help bring balance to young lives. http://smilingmind.com.au/



Mungabareena Aboriginal Corporation is a focal point for Australian Indigenous people living within our service area. We provide services that will meet the needs of local Indigenous people and re-establish and strengthen our cultural values and connection to the area. http://mungabareena.com/


JSS is committed to social change and has been working to reduce poverty and homelessness in communities in North East Victoria since 1989. The organisation is not for profit and provides a range of specialised and practical support services to assist people to access community, welfare, health and education services. http://www.junction.org.au/

North East Health

Northeast Health Wangaratta (NHW) [site of a CAV crisis care unit]was established in 1872 on the site of the present facility. Since then it has grown and developed as the major referral health service for the region, servicing some 28 townships beyond the boundaries of the Rural City of Wangaratta with a catchment population of approximately 90,000 people. http://nhw.hume.org.au/about/