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About Our Board

Kerry Burns

Chief Executive Officer. Kerry is a social worker and a feminist practitioner committed to developing knowledge and understanding of women’s, children’s and men’s experiences of sexual assault and family violence, knowledge that rests on the work of pioneers in this field. Drawing from a strong interest in research Kerry has a quality management system in place which creates connections between all organisational activities and people working in the organisation. Kerry’s goal is to ensure Centre Against Violence is strongly positioned in the field, providing excellent care for clients and promoting innovative practice that will contribute to a community that is safe for all to live in.

Virginia Mansel Lees

Chairperson Virginia works as an academic in the La Trobe Rural Health School Social Work program and has been involved in the provision of services in sexual assault and family violence throughout her professional life. Virginia is a feminist who is committed to working with others to achieve a world where violence no longer dominates the landscape so that women and children can live their lives through reaching their full potential.

Trevor Barker

Board Member and Quality Management Representative  Trevor Barker joined the board of UMCASA (now CAV) in 2000 serving a term of 6 years and returning for another term commencing 2009. Trevor has worked in the community services sector from 1995. He served as Social Welfare Officer at Yarrawonga Community Health 1995-2006. Between the years 2006-2013 he undertook drought support and community development with Foodbank Victoria. He is since worked with GV Medicare Local. Prior to 1995 Trevor was an active, voluntary member of NAPCAN Victoria as committee member and as President.
He has a keen interest in advocating for safe communities free from all forms of violence and in providing holistic responses to victims of childhood and family abuse.
Trevor values the work of CAV, the committed and strategic focus of the Board, and being part of a team that supports the invaluable work of staff in advocating for and supporting victims of violence.

Corina Modderman

Board Member Corina Modderman is an accredited social worker and lecturer at La Trobe University. She arrived in Australia in 2009 and has worked within the field of child protection and family violence since 1997 in the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Australia. She considers herself a passionate feminist and has a keen eye for social justice.

Sandy King

Board Member Sandy has worked in the community development, youth, women’s health and coaching sectors for over twenty years. Her work has recently focused on rebuilding life after financial abuse and coaching kids beyond the patterns they have played out and see around them. She lives in the King Valley with her 5 primary aged kids and husband.

Janette Bussell

Board member since 2008, treasurer since 2009. Social welfare worker for 10 years passionate about my community and violence prevention motivated to be part of the solution. I enjoy working with a strong, dedicated team and board to educate our community and support victims/survivors of violence and sexual assault.

Proud farmers wife and mother of three.

Dr. Alana Hulme-Chambers

Alana is an academic at the Centre for Excellence in Rural Sexual Health, The University of Melbourne. Alana has a professional background in health promotion and program evaluation. She has worked across sectors and settings in both urban and rural areas in relation to issues that affect rural communities including homelessness, health service delivery, and women’s and young people’s health and wellbeing. Alana is committed to the principles of equity and social justice in working towards safe and inclusive environments for women and children.

Hannah McPherson

Hannah joined the Board of the Centre Against Violence in 2016 having worked in policy, law, communications, governance and executive advisory positions in public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Hannah lives in Albury and enjoys connecting with like-minded professionals to make a meaningful community contribution.

Kevin Coughlan

Kevin has been a member of the Victoria Police for 34 years spending the majority of his career specialising in criminal investigations.   He moved to the North East in 1995 and currently holds the rank of Detective Senior Sergeant.  His role encompasses the management of the Eastern Region-Division 4-Family Violence Units and SOCITs and providing strategic advice to divisional management.   He lives with his wife on a small acreage property with interests in horses, cycling and alpine skiing.

He holds a Diploma in Frontline Management and has completed internal leadership development programs.

Jorden Warner

Joining the board 2017, Jorden is a social worker who has recently graduated from La Trobe University. Jorden works at Northeast Health Wangaratta as a social worker and has a strong interest in supporting victims and survivors of violence and sexual assault. Jorden has knowledge and experience working with vulnerable women, children and men through her previous employment at NESAY and through volunteering locally and overseas.

Jorden enjoys working within a strong, dedicated team, always taking responsibility for individual contributions and collaborating with others through strategic focus and community involvement.  

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