Sexual Assault – Problem and Abusive Sexualised Behaviour

Children Under Ten and Young People Under Fifteen

Therapeutic treatment services for children and young people presenting with problem or abusive sexualised behaviors are offered until the age of fifteen. The service offered by our Sexual Assault Services (SAS) is one of a select number that are Victorian government funded specialists in the State of Victoria. Counselor Advocates caring for children/young people in this program have specialist knowledge and skill. Through assessment of presenting behaviors they can assist parents and carers to determine how serious the risks associated with this behavior are. They will design a therapeutic intervention aiming to help children/young people to make a positive adjustment and an end to sexualised behaviors.

Parents ans carers are an integral part of the ‘team’ of supporters a child/young person will need while they are undertaking therapy. Parents are supported by Counselor Advocates to understand the nature of the problem and to provide for safety at home.

There is no shame in identifying a problem of this nature at home. The Counselor Advocates at Center Against Violence will respond to your call for help with care and compassion.