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For many survivors of violence, art emerges as a powerful means of supporting their healing process, nurturing their mental health, and reclaiming their sense of identity. 'The Art Project' was our initiative to harness the transformative power of art over the course of a year, working closely with a group of self-nominated victim survivors of gender-based violence and sexual assault. With the goal to create a series of artworks that served as a platform to share their stories of trauma, pain, and healing with the local community. This exhibition not only raised critical awareness about violence in our community but also demonstrates the remarkable capacity for empowerment and recovery.


All of our amazing artists poured their passion, creativity, and personal stories into the Art Project. The courage they showed sharing their experiences, vulnerabilities, and triumphs has been inspirational. Together, we forged a path towards resilience, transformation, and positive change that is nothing short of extraordinary. They are true warriors, and through this project, they have been unmasked. 


The opening night of 'The Art Project,' graciously hosted by the Friends of the Gallery, was a resounding success, with the venue filled to capacity. It was a heartwarming and memorable occasion that brought together not only the artists and survivors but also their families and the generous funding partners who made this project possible. It was a testament to the strength of community support and a shared commitment to creating positive change.


'The Art Project' became the catalyst for a surge in media coverage and a wealth of heartfelt stories. This initiative not only highlighted the healing potential of art but also ignited vital conversations about gender-based violence and sexual assault.  


The feedback for 'The Art Project' has been nothing short of overwhelming and positive. The absence of negativity serves as a testament to the dedication, resilience, and collective spirit that defined this transformative journey. It's a demonstration of the power of art and community coming together to create meaningful change.


“Collectively, we have not only produced a body of very powerful, engaging and interesting artworks, but we have shared an incredible journey, with the art studio becoming a place for knowledge, for listening, for understanding, for comfort and compassion.” Dr Jan Donaldson - Trainer & Assessor Visual Arts and Design at GOTAFE


The Centre Against Violence is proud to be hosting this program alongside tremendous support from GOTAFE the Kyamba Foundation, Rural City of Wangaratta and the Wangaratta Art Gallery.


To see the artworks on exhibition click here