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Sexual Assault

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The Centre Against Violence

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If you are unsafe or under threat call POLICE on 000

UPDATE: “This website has had an error in transmission of emails to the Centre. If you have sent an email recently please call the Centre on 03 57 222203 to seek help. We are very sorry about this problem”


By contributing to The Centre Against Violence, you are contributing to people in your community who are your friend, colleague, family member or community member. This empowers you to be a direct contributor to their safety and recovery from family violence and sexual assaults.

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Account 591 579 516

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This week Wo...Read more

This week Women's Health Goulburn North East held their Annual General Meeting. Susie Reid, CEO and Cathy McGowan discussed respect and equity. They led us to consider how our language includes or excludes girls and women. Cathy shared insights about her experience of gender inequality and challenges and we all enjoyed hearing about the work Australian women undertook to be recognised as farmers. Each of us has an opportunity to influence our society and our lives: wondering about how we grew up, what our influences were, what the gendered expectations and messages were and then of course wondering about today. How are our children experiencing gender? A walk through the aisles of any toy shop is alarming- the gender stereotypes strong....